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Is there a fee to register? There are no fees to register.

What are the fees for selling items on There is a small listing fee charged.  No commission, no sale fee or final sale fees will be charged.

You can find the fees charged by looking at the bottom of our site and selecting Site Fees. You will then be able to choose a category and see the fees charged for selling at auction.

Why buy and sell on Auctions on reduce the time to buy and sell. The seller can chose the time frame to sell their items. The seller can also sell with a reserve, no reserve, make offer or buy now feature. The buyer can bid and buy without leaving their home. Online auctions run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the advantages of selling at auction?

  • There is a small listing fee charged to sell an item at auction.
  • You are not charged a commission, no sale fee or final sales fee.
  • No travel time - buy and sell from your home.
  • Free photos and videos for each item.
  • Worldwide exposure
  • Personal messaging through our site for buyers and sellers.
  • Buyers and Sellers are notified by email of messages received and bids placed on their items.
  • You can email a friend from our site of an auction that they may be interested in.
  • You can Watch auctions for bids.
  • You can share items to your social media.
  • Our site is available in many languages.
What are the advantages of buying at auction? The buyer has the option to buy now, make an offer or bid online depending on the terms of the seller. The sellers have the option of providing photos and videos for the buyers to view. The buyers may request more information from the sellers by sending them a message through Shypit.

Shypit is offering a convenient, easy and fast way to buy and sell items. We want to reduce the buyer and seller travel time. We want to save the seller money with no final sale fees. The seller will only pay a small listing fee when they list their item at auction. No additional fees will be charged.

Can buyers and seller communicate with each other through the site? Buyers and Sellers can communicate through our messaging system. The buyer can log into their account and send a message to a seller. The seller will be notified by email of the buyers question. The seller can reply to the buyer through our messaging system by logging into their account. Once the seller has replied to the buyer, the buyer will be notified by email.